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Schroeder Lofts

Inspired by adaptive reuse urban street lofts found in the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon, the Schroeder Lofts are a continuation of Main Street and in the pedestrian-friendly center of the Rose Villa community.

  • Tall ceilings and large operable windows
  • Covered 3-season decks
  • Spectacular rooftop terrace view

Trillium Townhomes

Trillium Townhomes is the second
Zero-Energy neighborhood at Rose Villa built by Green Hammer, further emphasizing the community’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly design.

  • Sustainably designed for independent living
  • Permaculture-inspired courtyard
  • Double-height, light-filled great rooms
At Rose Villa, we believe the only person who really knows what makes your life worth living is … YOU!
Rose Villa is set up around the fundamental principle of supporting each individual to live the life they choose, not choose that life for them. We believe the power of community allows us all to be stronger, braver and more independent. Come see why life at Rose Villa is a life worth celebrating.
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Our welcoming, inclusive community encourages you to “come as you are,” and together we will work with you to make your dreams a reality.

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“I am passionate about the opportunity to change the way we age—blowing up negative stereotypes of aging as weakness and frailty and recognizing older adults as tough, smart experienced people with a tremendous amount to offer.”
Vassar Byrd
Rose Villa Chief Executive Officer